social entrepreneur, author, trainer, speaker

Ihsane Haouach

Promoting equal and sustainable transitions

Better organisations – Better society – Better planet

Workshops / Trainings

Given to 1300 people


To an audience of 14000 persons


Of strategic advisory

My 3 challenges

Today’s role as speaker, trainer, and advisor in societal transformation encompass multifaceted challenges:

Speaker for a positive impact

Inspire positive societal change through effective communication in areas like energy, equity and inclusive leadership.

Trainer with Multi-Sectoral Expertise

In interactive workshops, my expertises from various sectors (private, institutional, nonprofit) are merged to create comprehensive training programs.

Advisor in organisation’s authenticity

Striving to provide guidance while keeping at heart the organisation’s values and commitment.

about me

Societal Entrepreneurship

Engaged in sustainable transformations in diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Professional Experience

Experience in private, institutional, and nonprofit sectors with a focus on linking energy and equity. 

Personal Engagement

Constantly balancing professional excellence and happiness.


I am Ihsane Haouach, societal entrepreneur, author, board member, trainer and advisor, dedicated to promoting equal and sustainable transitions. My life’s mission is to build bridges between the nonprofit, public and private sectors, both in energy and social sectors. Alongside international projects targeting efficient and effective organisations, I co-founded several non-profit initiatives aimed at promoting equity, with a focus on women and youth. I serve on the board of the Brussels regulatory energy agency. In my book “Open Up Your Organisation”, an inclusive leadership model is outlined based on real-life examples. I am honoured to have many awards and recognitions, one of which is “Belgium’s 40 under 40”. In my second book “C’est pas personnel”, I mix reality and fiction to improve society dialogue with humanity and humour .

Mon premier roman: ” C’est pas personnel “

Ce livre traite d’amour, d’amitié, de loyauté, de trahison, de haine, de résilience, mais pas que. Il révèle sans tabou des dynamiques d’influence dans les grandes organisations, les conséquences du travail médiatique sur leur cible, l’impact des mots sur le corps. Il dévoile l’univers des entreprises et des querelles représentatives des polarisations de notre société. Il aborde l’innocence affichée du sexisme structurel et les dessous du cyberharcèlement. 

My vision  about Inclusive Leadership

Even though leaders are convinced of the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusiveness, some may not be aware of the full potential.

In this book, I strive to achieve diversity that is not readily apparent at first glance. I developed an innovative model encouraging people to be Open to other viewpoints, resolve difficulties with Patience, feel Empathy for stakeholders and find a safe space to be Natural. Through facts, illustrated concepts, and real-life examples, you’ll assess your management style and confront your realities.

With this book, Ihsane brings a set of actionable tools to make our world more equal, with a determination to address one of our century’s most important challenges: diversity. Dr. Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay

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